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I have all the sims games except makinmagic . Can someone tell me everything about it ?
Asked at 01:50 on Tuesday 15 June 2004 by Eri (BlingBling9344) Report this Question

4 Answers
In the Sims makin magic your sims enter the magical world. You can visit a new place called magic town where you can perform cheap stunts for magic coins (money) or duel other witches and wizards. To live in magic town you need alot of magic coins and so far the only way I can do that quickly is to download stuff. Your sim and their children can cast spells by adding ingredients to a cauldron. You can have a beanstalk in your garden and a dragon in your house. You also get some new magic themed objects and walls/floors. Hope this helped.
Answered at 08:58 on Tuesday 15 June 2004 by Ayesha (Ayeshagirl)
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From the back of the case:

Add a little magic to your Sims' lives. Cast spells, hypnotize friends, and even turn a neighbour into a frog. but watch out, spells can go haywire if you're not careful. Either way, the neighbourhood will never be the same.

New Magic Town Location:

Perofmr magic, quest for ingredients and unlock spell recipes.

Craft charms, animate minions and add magical decor.

Customise spooky and crazy rollercoaster rides for your Sims.

175+ new items:

Charm Maker - more than just pretty decorations

Baker's Oven - Bake cakes, pies and other surprises

Skeleton Closet - Knock for help cleaning up around the house

Spookshow Stage - Raise the dead to bring down the house

And much much more :)
Answered at 13:39 on Wednesday 16 June 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Well now you can get the game for $9.00 at Wal-Mart. You should buy it. It won't take very long to save up for it.
Answered at 20:19 on Wednesday 25 May 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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I can't tell you everything about makin' magic because that would take too long, but my favorite things are: spells to make people your friend, magic dueling [a real pain for some sims] and of course having a pet dragon.
Answered at 15:29 on Monday 3 October 2005 by Black_Cat_13
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