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Whenever my sims have babies, when they grow up they have no personality whatsoever. This happens ALL of the time. No matter what i do. They also have doubles, but when i try to get rid of one of them, the other one goes too. Why is this happening?
Asked at 03:48 on Tuesday 22 June 2004 by ramanstyle Report this Question

3 Answers
The personality of a baby is determined by the parents.

Basically each trait will either be full, empty or an average of both parents. That is, if mum has ten nice points and dad has five, the kid will either have zero, five or ten nice points. However, this is then skewed to a degree - I've never seen any born kid in my game with anything less than 10 points regardless of whether (s)he was played with or not.

Obviously this does not apply when you adopt a baby and so the points association will vary more.
Answered at 19:34 on Thursday 1 July 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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I had this one time too because i clicked at the baby before it was totaly born. Wait with clickin on it till al the blocks or balloons, whatever have dissapearded, I clicked before they had dissapeared and i got a double child and when i deleted that the child that was left had no personality!
Answered at 14:19 on Tuesday 6 July 2004 by lovemusicnsun
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Answered at 21:26 on Sunday 15 August 2004 by rach (rachie_pachie)
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