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how can you make you sims have babies?
Asked at 08:00 on Tuesday 13 July 2004 by Jade (surf_chic14) Report this Question

2 Answers
Babies come into the game in one of four ways:

1) The Love Bed (introduced in Livin Large) - 1 in 8 chance of a baby = c.15% success rate.

2) Passionate kissing when your adult sims are in love - 1 in 5 chance = 20% success rate.

3) Phone call from adoption agency out of the blue - unknown odds, probably 1% I reckon as it's never happened to me.

4) Phone call from adoption agency after you kiss passionately - probably about 10% I reckon.

It thus goes without saying that if you do passionate kissing enough times, you've got a two fold chance: The 20% chance plus whatever the odds are of a phone call coming after it (assuming you have a phone in the first place). Still not guaranteed though.

You can, however, find "buyable babies" from third party sites and a download from C&C Enterprises adds an "adoption agency" icon to the Phone menu with which the social worker will turn up with a new baby and you can call multiple times.

This of course means that you could in theory have twins or triplets (or more) but because the game was never designed to have more than one baby on the go at a time, if you get two or more babies then the initial one will take on the name of the last one. So if you adopt a boy, Joe, and then get another boy, Fred, while Joe's still a baby, you'll have two babies called Fred.
Answered at 19:51 on Tuesday 13 July 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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what site is that called?
Answered at 21:30 on Sunday 15 August 2004 by rach (rachie_pachie)
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