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how does my sim get married???
Asked at 16:28 on Saturday 7 February 2004 by simguy123 Report this Question

5 Answers
...... the same way that u would have to .........in the other games ;) are you a noob?
Answered at 00:45 on Sunday 8 February 2004 by theflood
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you make the person eat first, then they go use the bath room then watch some tv after that propose and it shall work
Answered at 04:02 on Wednesday 14 April 2004 by michelle (meg123)
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Well you don't have to make them watch t.v. exactly. Just talk to them eat a meal and play something very fun and after a while ask the big question.
Answered at 03:45 on Friday 7 May 2004 by Victoria (evee)
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Wot i always do is invite them round and give them a gift! Then i give them a meal make em use the toilet! Then i play pool with them and go swimmin for a bit lisin 2 music give em a passionate kiss and then pop the question!
A bit complicated but i works!

Hope ive helped :)

Charlotte xxx
Answered at 16:19 on Sunday 9 May 2004 by Charlotte Woods (bumface878)
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#1 invite your lover over. #2 have some food, if it is at a table better. #3 allow your lover use the bath. #4 have some fun together. finally propose
Answered at 06:12 on Thursday 28 April 2005 by pancha
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