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I got the Magic Mirror and used it to get one of my Sims as a Superstar. Now when I go down to Studio Town, if I click on one of the studios The Sims closes on its own. When I open the game again, it's saved and my Sim is back at the house.
Asked at 22:51 on Tuesday 13 July 2004 by Jen (CinnamonSpider) Report this Question

3 Answers
You probably have too many items loaded into your Sims game. The magic mirror was probably the last thing that you downloaded, which overloaded your sims game, causing it to crash. since the magic mirror is a very useful item, you should keep that. you should delete unnessacary items and skins. (for example, basically anything involving britney spears) also, i recommend using less cheats too.
Answered at 16:26 on Thursday 22 July 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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thats happened to me before as well! It was all because I'd downloaded way too many cheats and skin colours and new clothes and britney spears and justin Timberlake!
Answered at 14:07 on Sunday 22 August 2004 by Katie (kitty-turtle)
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when u download stuff how du u get it ? iv dwnloaded the magic mirror and i dnt know how to gte it on the actual game!
Answered at 02:16 on Tuesday 11 April 2006 by lora (lora123)
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