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how do I make a family friend
Asked at 22:28 on Saturday 7 February 2004 by Karen Ruddick (Orca500) Report this Question

6 Answers
go and buy yourself as many diamond rings as possible then go downtown, greet someone and give them three rings. sims with star power are a little harder but if you have an equal star level or higher it's easy. you could also try making a red potion with the concoction station or if you have making magic then make a lovestruck potion but becareful that the sim targeted doesn't also have a magic wand.
Answered at 15:11 on Sunday 8 February 2004 by Lorraine001
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for you to have a family freind all you have to do is talk to them for a long time. If you want if you have mak'n magic there is this gnome thing ou can make those and when you go to give them a gift you gan give them the gnome.
Answered at 01:34 on Thursday 12 February 2004 by shorty (simzgal)
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For family friends, just do a lot of talking, hugging, complimenting, etc. You should also dine them as well, bearing in mind that other sims will come to your house hungry. Or just fill up the buffet table instead.

Same idealogy with the kids, except once they're on relatively good speaking terms, get them to play with each other for a couple of hours and friendship score will soon reach 100 between them. Note that adults and kids can't play in this way with each other though.
Answered at 21:02 on Sunday 15 February 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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If you have hot date, just go downtown greet someone, talk to them once and then ask if they like to hang out! if you get a purple diamond above them then ask them if they like to eat a meal...

Fors ure after the meal you got a friend! Go home, ring them up as soon you get home and tlak once.

I find this thumbrule as easy means of keeping family friend. ring them everyday just to talk and every 3 or 4 days or so ring them and meet them downtown.

Before you know it, you got those red dots :) If they opersite sex wheyhey go for it however if they the same sex you might just ask them to move in. SO far not got that far yet!

I got the house building bugs! so most of my sims never lived more than 9 days, however they r in another neighbourhood lots awaiting for me to go back to them!

Answered at 23:49 on Wednesday 18 February 2004 by Peter (PJWolf35)
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Whenever i invite sims over or try putting balloons outside my house to make sims come oer the just stand in the corner of the screen at either end of the path. P.S. i only hav the sims and LL?!?! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
Answered at 16:08 on Monday 19 April 2004 by SHREK (nipcurltide)
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If you already have Makin magic, all you have to do just make a spell called 'Smiley_Face' and cast it on someone you wanna befriend with =).
Answered at 19:18 on Friday 1 October 2010 by Willy (theGodofgoddest)
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