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I have deluxe ed and downloaded some objects. When I tried 2 play the game it got to the loading sequence and stopped loading. I tried to reinstall and it gets to 24% (25% if im lucky) and stops!
Asked at 18:30 on Tuesday 20 July 2004 by James (elmo_flames) Report this Question

4 Answers
Yea the same thing happened to me...
Answered at 11:46 on Thursday 12 August 2004 by Adex Garza (NeoPet_online)
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I have the exact same problem! On 24% my driver just stops loading, it doesn't crash or freeze, it just stops, like there's no more data to read! I tried allmost everything...nothing works!
But this could probably cause the problem: You deinstalled the game but some files remained on your PC, make sure that you remove those files so you can reinstall the game properly!
Answered at 10:00 on Thursday 23 September 2004 by Dominica
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The same thing happens to me. Even though I have installed it twice before on the same computer without problems. I thought it might have been cause of a Virus Program that wasnt installed the first two times I installed it. So I uninstalled that and still nothing.
Answered at 21:19 on Saturday 6 November 2004 by Therese (Tezzy149)
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On my computer when it installs it goes to 24% waits there for a long time and then jumps to like 99%... maybe if you guys just try waiting it out?
Answered at 23:44 on Thursday 23 March 2006 by Margaret Betit (megbetit)
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