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does anybody know where i can find skins for the metal bands System of a Down or Korn? I'm not sure if they have them, but if you know, please tell me. Oh, could somebody make some too if there aren't any around. (they're my two favorite bands)
Asked at 22:07 on Saturday 24 July 2004 by hope (simsuperstar) Report this Question

3 Answers
i've seen some Korn in www.thesimsresource.com
Answered at 23:30 on Wednesday 4 August 2004 by GloBee (GloBeeMonkey)
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I have seen a lot in www.7deadlysims.com
Answered at 12:39 on Friday 6 August 2004 by Liam Brett (Brettl)
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thanks for the sites, but i found very good KoRN skins at:
http://www.geocities.com/vwmunky/skins/korn.html - they have Jonathon Davis wearing a kilt, and they even did Head's hair right! =) I'm still looking for System of a Down skins(they're my all-time favorite band!Aerials is their best song ever!) So if anybody knows some sites with them,please tell me. Oh, and if there aren't any, can somebody make some with their bassist Shavo(the bald guy) with a small beard that isn't braided, make Daron(guitair) with shoulder lenght hair, and eyeliner,John(drums)with a non-shaved head, and please make Serj Tankian(vocals) with short hair! Please help me out! I want to have my sims meet the best nu-metal band ever!
Answered at 20:38 on Friday 6 August 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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