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In the sims 2 can you have a reception once you have gotten married?
Asked at 18:47 on Thursday 5 August 2004 by MandMv2 Report this Question

5 Answers
I don't no
Answered at 03:25 on Saturday 7 August 2004 by sim_2_fan
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Yes. You will be able to design your ceremony, and then have a little party. It'll be fun ;)
Answered at 06:21 on Wednesday 11 August 2004 by Kukushka
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ive just thought of summat good like have them get married then in the party have a swimming pool and then put the grrom in and take the ladder out so he cant get out yay and then have the bride fall in love with sum1 else
Answered at 11:47 on Saturday 4 September 2004 by henry (TDevil-simdevil)
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umm..well what if your Sim girl goes in to depression because she misses her sim hubby..well if she is a family sim she might go into a depression.
Answered at 05:56 on Friday 15 October 2004 by Toni (Toni12181)
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Even if she isn't a family sim normally when they like someone enough to marry them all aspiration sims have a fear of the other person dying... i think that you'd have to be careful or they would have a breakdown.
Answered at 12:23 on Friday 15 October 2004 by Nicola (Loni-o)
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