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How do i get my sims to marry eachother???
Asked at 00:17 on Monday 16 August 2004 by Joe (Joejoethornett) Report this Question

12 Answers
Ok it's simple both have to have Red hearts on their person 9means they love each other) and they both hav to be in perfect moods and then have your sim propose.
Answered at 23:25 on Monday 8 March 2004 by Angela (ZZZDe)
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if both sims love each other then when you click on the other sim you can choose marrige ect.
and if the other sim is in a good mood then they will get married
Answered at 23:30 on Sunday 14 March 2004 by carlita (sim_fan_91)
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Do you have sims makin magic? If so there is a charm you can do to make them pop the question and they almost always say yes.
Answered at 02:58 on Thursday 1 July 2004 by Bri (AquaAngel116)
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You need a good daily rating to be able to propose, as well be in a great mood.
Answered at 19:37 on Thursday 1 July 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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I don't believe that Propose is an automous action, although passioniate kissing certainly is. AFAIK you have to initiate the proposal.
Answered at 21:29 on Friday 16 July 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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I agree, you have to be the one to propose, if you want a certain sim to propose, then you must be in that family in control of that sim, unless it's a townie.
Answered at 07:03 on Saturday 14 August 2004 by aasshh
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Well, get them into a good mode and the propose option should come up. The other sim will only accept the marriage if they're in a good mood.
Answered at 01:56 on Monday 16 August 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Of course, they have to both have the red love-heart and 100/100 on both scales of friendship first.
Answered at 21:13 on Wednesday 25 August 2004 by Holly Bowls (HB-notsauce)
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can u get married to the strange family (like the townie family) but 4 makin magic
Answered at 18:35 on Friday 24 February 2006 by hayden (wizardwonder)
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