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How is the sim city 4 and the sims 2 connected?
Asked at 06:37 on Saturday 21 August 2004 by Padres247 Report this Question

3 Answers
Well you can import SC4 stuff into The Sims 2 - lots and so on. It'll become clearer when the game is released next month.
Answered at 11:03 on Saturday 21 August 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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You can create neighborhoods for Sims 2 using Sim City 4. That's it. You can customize existing neighborhoods using nothing but Sims 2, but your options are limited. To really get creative, you would need SimCity 4. Of course, this is only if you want to make your own neighborhoods. It isn't necessary to play the game and you can always download neighborhoods.
Answered at 23:39 on Wednesday 25 August 2004 by Kukushka
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With SimCity 4, you can have your Sims from TS1 move into houses in your city and report to you on how things are going, etc. Has there been any word about being able to also move TS2 characters into SC4 cities?
Answered at 22:37 on Sunday 29 August 2004 by Alex Norris (anorris)
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