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can the sims2 work at a computer without a 2.0 GHz processor or better and 256 MB RAM?
Asked at 22:59 on Saturday 11 September 2004 by Dune Report this Question

5 Answers
The sims 2 will work without 2.0 GHz and 256 MB RAM....IF and only IF you have a good Video Card to make up for the lack in processor speed. If you have something like a Radeon 9000 series or GeForce 5000 series, you will be able to run it smoothly. If you have one of those sorry factory 8 or 16 MB Video Cards that the factory put into your Computer, then you are going to experience performance problems. The thing that non hardcore gamers must remember is that this game is not the Sims 1. You will NOT get by on 2 to 4 MB of Video Memory even if your system has over the minimum requirements. Many people will finally come to the conclusion after they install the game that they will desperately need to upgrade their computer system. So what I suggest to you Dune.....is that depending on how much processor speed and RAM you actually got. If you dont have a video card in the series I mentioned above, you either need to go out and purchase one....or you need to bump your Processor and Ram up past 2.0 and 256 MB. I currently have 2.0 Ghz processor and 768 MB of RAM, and a Radeon 9700 Pro with 128 MB of RAM. Also, make sure your Video Card has at least 32 MB of RAM in it Dune. But if you want the game to run smoothly , I suggest you have a Video Card of at least 64 MB of RAM minimum. Hope this helps you.
Answered at 00:24 on Sunday 12 September 2004 by shrizm44
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The box says that you only need a 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of memory

How well the game works on a 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM, I don't know. I would guess not well.

You also, more importantly, need a 32 MB GeForce 2 or better or Radeon 7200 or better. A GeForce 2 MX would work, a regular Radeon or TNT2 will not. I can't recall any of these cards ever coming with less then 32 MB of memory, although some integrated systems might be set to use less then 32 MB of memory of video.

A complete list of compatible 3D chipsets can be found here: http://eagames.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/eagames.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=15596

Note that if you have Intel Extreme Graphics or a Radeon VE that a 2 GHz processor is necessary, but only if, and in those cases I would highly recommend upgrading your 3D card. A Radeon 9600 Pro ($100-150) would be your best best in the mid range. I have a GeForce 6800 GT that runs the game beautifully, but expect to pay $350-400 for it.

Also I would highly recommend upgrading your system memory if you have only 256 MB.
Answered at 11:31 on Saturday 18 September 2004 by NoodleSlayer
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I'll get my SIms 2 next week.(i'm soooooooooooo haaaapppppppyyyyyy:)))))) ) I've got a 1.6 ghz processor , 256mb RAm and a GeForce 4 MX 440. Will the game work on my computer?
Answered at 19:49 on Tuesday 30 November 2004 by Don Sim Corleone (Phonix)
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More RAM would be handy but should okay apart from that.
Answered at 01:07 on Wednesday 1 December 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Answered at 07:27 on Saturday 4 December 2004 by Don Sim Corleone (Phonix)
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