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The graphics don't look as good as on all the screenshots Maxis showed! Can I make them look better?
Asked at 02:00 on Sunday 12 September 2004 by The Sims Zone Report this Question

1 Answer
This may depend on your system. You can try setting higher quality settings in the display options in the game, but this will decrease the performance of the game. Try some different settings to make the game run as smoothly as you want, while maintaining the graphical quality you want. Not all computers can run it smoothly at high quality settings, so you will have to give in if necessary (or buy new hardware). Also, if your graphics card doesn't have some special features, they cannot be used by the game, decreasing the picture quality - there isn't much you can do about that. Maxis made screenshots and videos at high-end systems, with optimal quality settings, your computer may not be able to handle those settings.
Answered at 02:00 on Sunday 12 September 2004 by The Sims Zone
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