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Where can i find the genie that lets me choose what i want as a result?
Asked at 22:59 on Sunday 12 September 2004 by ilikecrayons Report this Question

4 Answers
I've got a genie on livin' it up, but it's not very good because if he does the spell wrong then he sets fire to sumthing or kills all u're plants. But if he does the spell right he can make people be you're friend and be in love with u.

But it depends what question he asks u!
Answered at 17:00 on Monday 13 September 2004 by Liz (EKJP)
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i think you're talking about the genie you can download at cheapfrills.org
Answered at 09:45 on Saturday 9 October 2004 by Georgia (Asphyxiated)
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whenever i go on cheapfrills and try to download something it dont work! y is this?
Answered at 14:35 on Sunday 31 July 2005 by Laura (xXCoolLauraXx)
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probably cause its out of date, cheap frills is like 10 years old!!!
Answered at 12:57 on Friday 19 May 2006 by jake (jakeoman94)
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