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I live in Barrie, Ontario and I don't know where I can buy "The Sims 2"!! I've checked eveywhere... can you help? (sorry if it's a bit off topic...)
Asked at 21:53 on Wednesday 15 September 2004 by Jessica (jess13rizz) Report this Question

6 Answers
If you have to, make a trip to Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto...im sure there are stores there that sell it. If all else fails, Order it online. Im sure they will deliver to you wherever you are.
Answered at 04:41 on Thursday 16 September 2004 by shrizm44
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erm, try online, anyways, how do u post a question, lol, im new 2 this
Answered at 21:50 on Tuesday 21 September 2004 by Mike Booth (Cheese-monkey)
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go to britan lol
Answered at 18:02 on Thursday 30 September 2004 by Ryan (Ryan123321)
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you can go to Thesims2.com website and preorder it > thats what i almost did > but then i think i had to pay x-tra you an tri
Answered at 20:59 on Thursday 30 September 2004 by L.c (Lbabi18)
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I'm from north wales in britain and i got my sims 2 game (well my big bro got it) £29.99. Go to www.amazon.com ( for american and canada people) and type in "The sims 2" and it will come up as $41.99 or get it for $31.93 if you order a used one, and the sims university costs $29.99 in canada and USA.
Hope that helps ya
Simgirl05 xxxxx
Answered at 15:08 on Monday 4 April 2005 by simgirl05
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you could go to ebgames.com and buy it!
Answered at 21:26 on Friday 22 September 2006 by nicole (_nikki604_)
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