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Is the big mansion in the screenshots included in the game? If not, is there any way I can get it?
Asked at 13:36 on Saturday 18 September 2004 by GloBee (GloBeeMonkey) Report this Question

4 Answers
Yes the big Spanish mansion is in the neighborhood Pleasantville. There is another house in Pleasantville that was in the video preview as well. There are 4 neighborhoods with shopping areas. Pleasantville is a traditional all American town with a Main Street. It is near the ocean. The Goths are older now and live here. Veronaville is a Tudor style neighborhood (German even though the name implies Italian). There is a Romeo & Juliet type of story in this neighborhood with 2 families living there. I have seen Strangeville and it looks Mars like. I guess for the alien families. Finally, there is a neighborhood for you to create or download. I saw one on the sims resource that was made like an island for download. There are people living in all the neighborhoods and you can change the appearance of the neighborhood on the neighborhood screen. You can add or take away trees, boulders, birds, clouds, hot air baloons,shoreline, bridges & more. There are also multiple homes prebuilt some ina catalog & some on existing lots. There are different styles for the different neighborhoods. It is really neat. Have fun!!!!
Answered at 14:52 on Sunday 19 September 2004 by Becky145
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There's a big castle, an appartment-looking one, etc.
Answered at 17:50 on Tuesday 21 September 2004 by Nanda (plucko)
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There are some good houses on the sims2.com i get most of my houses from there because im no good at all at building houses :( but i expect ill get better
Answered at 11:14 on Monday 25 October 2004 by henry (TDevil-simdevil)
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thanks. my brother wanted to know, but i think he is thinking about a certain one.
Answered at 13:35 on Monday 25 October 2004 by GloBee (GloBeeMonkey)
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