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Social Pet cheat needed. I have a food bowl that maxes out all the bars except for social; and social is what I need the most.
Asked at 04:21 on Tuesday 21 September 2004 by skez Report this Question

2 Answers
http://www.c-and-c-enterprises.com/ has a competition pet food bowl listed under downloads/pets that maxes out all motives, including social:

"Competition Pet Food Bowl (stainless steel)
C&C Enterprises Pet Competition Bowl will put that winning sparkle in your pet's eyes and steam in their stride! If your showing your pet, start out with our product before success passes you by! (Well in short, it maxes out all Pet Motives! Energy, hygiene, bladder, hunger, social etc!! A well rested clean pet can give you that extra edge you need in Pet Show competition and is a must in those areas where there are no other pet facilities.)"
Answered at 16:28 on Saturday 25 September 2004 by Madame_Shake
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just have your sim person interact with your pet
Answered at 07:24 on Friday 26 November 2004 by Joe Schibetta (Joeinator)
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