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Everytime I load the game it crashes during the opening animation&then displays vertical bars of colours.My comp meets the min spec,graphics card is All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500DV&i have over 60 gigs of free space&I've updated to the latest drivers.Help Plz!
Asked at 10:51 on Friday 24 September 2004 by Emma (emmarich) Report this Question

2 Answers
When I have a crash problem during download or any other time, I can always track it down to something I downloaded into the game, not bad files, just duplicates.
It might not be your pc at all. If you don't have anything to check with, go the Sim Enhancer's site and download the free Duplication Check for skins and the CMX Validation. Use the Sims File Cop and Dr. Pixel's Skin Doctor.
Find yourself the Oject ID also, sorry dont remember what site but the Sims Resource has it listed.
Go thru all the checks, one will usually find what others miss.
My pc was crashing on startup just today, after running the checks found out I had redownloaded several objects a 2nd time but in the Downloads folder instead of the User Objects so I wasn't warned at the time that I already had it. The Object ID caught that one.
If you already have object catagorizers, take a look at what you've changed. I've tried to put all my steps into my stairs file only to find out that some of the steps are made from rugs. The same is true for build items made from lights and bookcases. Not all of them do it, but most will.
Make sure anything you moved from buy to build is something that doesn't have a 'buy' base. Tho storing build items on the buy side doesn't seem to harm anything, many buy objects will crash the game when you pass the mouse over it if it is stored in build.
Hope it helps, good luck.
Answered at 03:40 on Tuesday 26 October 2004 by Serena (Gylt)
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Update the catalyst and also update the chipset drivers.
Answered at 11:01 on Tuesday 26 October 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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