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On a dvd i saw an advert for sims 2 and the woman ripped off her top. I've been told they can do that but how?
Asked at 22:54 on Saturday 25 September 2004 by Rebecca (richbecky4eva) Report this Question

3 Answers
i saw a video clip ofthat aswell, they had a few kids and one kept setting fire to thinks and the mom kept ripping her top off and jumping on the sofa. I would like 2 know hoe to do that aswell!
Answered at 13:07 on Monday 27 September 2004 by Liz (EKJP)
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Yeah that is the 1 i saw and i reallllllllllly wanna know how u do it
Answered at 21:12 on Tuesday 28 September 2004 by Rebecca (richbecky4eva)
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i dont actually think you can. same with tha little kid settin stuff on fire. i saw that as well, i reckon its just exagerrating <- (i think thats how u spell it) tha game.
Answered at 11:39 on Tuesday 26 October 2004 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie)
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