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can the female sims have abortions?
Asked at 22:24 on Thursday 12 February 2004 by Tracy (carebear) Report this Question

11 Answers
If they don't allow teens having sex in the game I don't think there will be abortions to.
It's a game for kids also ....
Stupid question........
(sorry, my opinion )
Answered at 20:19 on Saturday 14 February 2004 by ingrid (ingrid7570)
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yes your opinion!
Answered at 00:11 on Sunday 15 February 2004 by Tracy (carebear)
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Sims can not have abortions, and teens can not get pregnant
Answered at 21:20 on Sunday 15 February 2004 by Stash (SimStash)
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well in the 1st sims u where able sometimes to say if u wanted a baby or not so u could call that an abortion, if u would like
Answered at 01:56 on Friday 16 April 2004 by Rylaa (flynpurplpplete)
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Yes i agree but its not like kids dont no about sex n drugs n stuf!
Answered at 22:03 on Friday 23 April 2004 by Charlotte Woods (bumface456)
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no there will not be abortion but u can use protection
Answered at 18:49 on Saturday 7 August 2004 by sim_2_fan
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Yes, in TS2 when you play you have the options of Play and Play Safe.
Answered at 14:14 on Monday 9 August 2004 by Adex Garza (NeoPet_online)
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No abotions but maybe if the pregnat sim got into a fight there could be a miscarriage. Not for sure though.
Answered at 03:29 on Sunday 7 November 2004 by Victoria York (Hakuna-Mattata)
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no abortion
anyway abortion is wrong and sick and whoever aborts are murderers
Answered at 18:48 on Thursday 5 May 2005 by rebecca (rebecca)
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