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Why don't my Sims get the option to go Downtown? I've tried downloading different types of phones to see if that will work but it does not :(. I used to be able to but the option just does not show up when i go to the phone anymore, all others work.....
Asked at 07:10 on Tuesday 16 November 2004 by malkavian30504 Report this Question

1 Answer
I don't quite understand your questions, but I'm having, what I suspect to be, installation issues and running the game I have the same problem.

When I normally would run the game, the only phone that would work is the small black desk phone that comes with the game. If you go to electronics, click on phones it should be in the inventory. That's the one that works.
Answered at 23:56 on Wednesday 15 December 2004 by Brook (BMartinez78)
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