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Can you have INFERTILITY in a sim?? Coz my sim WON'T get pregnant by her husband no matter how many times she "trys for a baby" but she can by somebody else (pollination tech #9) Why is this? I really want her to hav a baby wit her husband
Asked at 20:53 on Sunday 21 November 2004 by AngelChild2kN4 Report this Question

5 Answers
i don't think that the sims can be infertile. make sure his wife is still young. if the sim is too close 2 becoming an elder, she will not get pregnant. make sure both sims r in good moods too.
Answered at 01:17 on Tuesday 23 November 2004 by ilikecrayons
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yea and make sure they have enough energy
Answered at 22:07 on Tuesday 14 December 2004 by sam (bubblejam)
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I thought you could have a baby wit an elder I've done it before. I don't think they can be infertile! Does she actually go under the covers wit her husbund? or does she not even get in bed with him? If their relationshp isn't high enough she won't do it! Also if you're wondering when they actully have done it a lullaby will play after a successful try
Answered at 21:37 on Thursday 6 January 2005 by Allison (snoopypoo)
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This happened to me once, and it was because every time I tried to make them have a baby they were in the greens. Now, I only try for baby when my sims are in gold or platnum.
Answered at 00:36 on Saturday 19 March 2005 by borzillem
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have you tried in the spa they can try for a baby there too. Make sure you click "try for a baby" and not "woohoo" try that. If you have nightlife you can in cars aswell. If you have bon voyage you can "try for a baby" in the tent or hammock. Or go to a community lot with change rooms and try in there. The good thing about doing it in the spa is they dont get out after every try unless their moods are low
Answered at 14:28 on Thursday 17 January 2008 by Tanika Donald (thesims2987)
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