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Where can you get things for the museam exhibition?
Asked at 17:06 on Tuesday 30 November 2004 by Rachel (Ranger_Rach) Report this Question

1 Answer
yeah, i can understand the frustration....this one got me too. here are some EASY steps!
1)go to the Epoch Museum
2) As you go up the right side of the rail, you see a black wall. that's not a wall! that's an elevator!
3) go to floor 1 or 2, the cheaper ones are on 1
4) go to the little things that look like music stands,click on it, and donate however much money you want
5) you're done!
P.S: for every item you finace, you get money back with your bills. this is around $250 if you did all the cheap ones. this helps you in the long run, so i highly recommend blowing around $6,000 for it.
Answered at 01:10 on Monday 13 December 2004 by hope (simsuperstar)
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