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If two teens are 'going steady', will their romantic relationship continue as adults (if one grows up before the other)? Or will they hugging and kissing have to start all over again?
Asked at 21:10 on Sunday 5 December 2004 by Shanae (Reddle) Report this Question

2 Answers
The relationship scores remain the same but as Townies don't age unless you move them in as permanent residents, it wouldn't be possible for an adult male to continue to smooch with a teenage townie.

It is more possible if the other sim lives in a house in the same neighbourhood, as you could swap houses and age the other half up.
Answered at 22:39 on Sunday 5 December 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Even if one isn't a townie as soon as one of the teens grows up they stop being in love however the friendship and life scores stay the same so they fall in love pretty quickly again when the othe rone grows up.
Answered at 13:41 on Wednesday 8 December 2004 by Nicola (Loni-o)
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