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I have a baby changing station, but when i click on it, the only option is to change the toddler's clothes... it doesn't help in improving the hygiene at all! How do I solve that?
Asked at 17:15 on Monday 13 December 2004 by Claris (acrotchet) Report this Question

3 Answers
It's not supposed to, the baby changing station is to change the kid's nappy/diaper when its dirty. That's the only time it improves hygiene.

Bathe the toddler in any bath instead to raise hygiene levels.
Answered at 22:29 on Monday 13 December 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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And just incase you didn't know.. You can bath the baby in any sink.. I don't think you can the toddler though, I think you do have to use the bathtub...
Answered at 11:26 on Saturday 29 January 2005 by Mandy (Silentmessiah)
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Ok, thanks!
Answered at 14:43 on Sunday 30 January 2005 by Claris (acrotchet)
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