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When installing the sims 2 i get to 49% where its asks to insert cd3, it the freezes on "TSData\Control\control2.dat" and goes no further?? Any ideas anyone ??? :o)
Asked at 17:22 on Monday 27 December 2004 by mark (moziz) Report this Question

2 Answers
THe strange thing about CD3 is that it dosnt seem to contain any significant installation data. When I install it, I insert Disc3 upon prompt and almost immediately afterwards it asks for Disc4.
After scanning through Disc3 using Alcohol120%, it found a lot of bad sectors, meaning that EA intended CD3 largely for anti-piracy measures.

So, it would seem your CDROM is having problems skipping through the deliberately placed bad-sectors on CD3. (for copy protection)

My advice:
Install alcohol120% from alcohol-soft.com , insert you Sims2 disc3 and make a virtual image (ISO) of it using Alcohol. Next make a Virtual CD drive from Alcohol120% and mount you virtual CD3 onto it.

Now install, starting from CD1 as you normally would.
When it prompts for CD3, simply click OK. It should use your virtual image.

When completed installation, uninstall Alcohol120%, as EA's ridiculous protection on Sims2 will not enable you to start it with any "Virtual CD" software onyour PC.

Don't worry, this routine is perfectly legal; you are using your original purchased game disc afterall.

Or, if you want to keep Alcohol120%, feel free to install a crack for Sims2.
In this case this is also LEGAL, as you own the original game discs.
However, I will not assist you any further in this matter.

THis is a suggestion, I can't guarantee this'll work, but hey, anything's worth a try! ;-))
Answered at 13:06 on Sunday 9 January 2005 by Markieman234
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HEY you are awessome that worked like a charm! but its a little hard to figure out how to use Alcohol120% but with a little fiddleing it works out!
Answered at 12:52 on Wednesday 21 September 2005 by AnkoCake
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