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I'm having trouble adopting pets. Where do I go to adopt and how can I adopt?
Asked at 00:38 on Saturday 1 January 2005 by Blue_Angel Report this Question

4 Answers
First of 2005 :)

There is a pet centre sort of thing in the neighbourhood, in Old Town. Go there.
Answered at 01:27 on Saturday 1 January 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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i kno a free way to adopt. if a stray is at ur house... be friendly to it and at a point u will have the adopt button.
Answered at 18:28 on Sunday 21 August 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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OK, get your sim a phone and click on the phone in live mode, there will be an option that says cab/taxi. Click on it and one of the otions will be Explore Old Town. Click on that. A courtousy shuttle should come if you click yes when it says 'would you like a courtousy shuttle to pick you up?' When you appear at the neighborhood view there should be some buttons at the top. Click on the PAW button and there should be that same paw sign in an arrow pointing at a lot in the middle of the neighborhood. Click on that lot. When you get there, in the MIDDLE of the lot there will be a place with two stands with a dog and a cat on it. You can get them by clicking on them and clicking on the option adopt dog $339/adopt cat $339. Hope you find this clear enough.
Answered at 11:14 on Monday 22 August 2005 by Emma Donnelly (Simgirl_2005)
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It's 399, not 339. If you want a cheaper pet, you could consider a Fish, Bird or Iguana. Iguanas are fun, you can take them out and play with them but they're not as high-maintenance as dogs or cats, plus feeding them doesn't cost anything.
Answered at 15:13 on Thursday 15 December 2005 by Sorcererlady
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