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I'm currently at 2 stars, but i cant get anywhere !! How can you make good celebrity friends, when you're next to a nobody ?
Asked at 00:09 on Sunday 2 January 2005 by victoria (ViCtoRiAa_BLoOm) Report this Question

4 Answers
hi victoria

just talk to the celebritys and act nice also try and be in photo shoots and acting then you will get more stars. If you then spend most of your time out doing that stuff then u will be friends with them in no time

Hope this helps
pipnoo xxx
Answered at 12:24 on Saturday 5 February 2005 by philippa (pipnoo)
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get the magic mirror when millenium sims is working again.
Answered at 12:10 on Tuesday 6 September 2005 by Laura (xXCoolLauraXx)
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if you have makin' magic try a friendship spell [honey, garlic and toad sweat]. but do it in studio town because they hate you on your own lot. especially kathleen somebody
Answered at 15:06 on Monday 3 October 2005 by Black_Cat_13
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My solution was to have three people that were friends already become stars together. One has 4.5, the other has 3 and the third has 2. So long as they keep their friendship up, they can feed off each other. [Of course the 4.5 guy needs a friends starpower total of 18 to become a Superstar, but he has a lot of charisma and is usually nice, so **** make friends.]
Answered at 16:51 on Tuesday 27 June 2006 by Sorcererlady
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