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people keep sayin to transfer downloads into this file but i seriosly dont know how someone give me claer step by step intrustions( i know i sound like a freak)
Asked at 17:55 on Sunday 2 January 2005 by rebecca (haphaphappy) Report this Question

3 Answers
first- turn on computer

Click on internet

Go to a site

click download

Wait, or click next if Winzip pops up

click finish
Answered at 03:48 on Tuesday 1 February 2005 by Rebecca (FatSuperstarSim)
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There are programs that will install your downloads for you - that is one way to go. Sims File Maid seems to be the best.

I have always used an extensive set of folders and sub-folders in my Game Data/User Objects file so I work through window's explorer and do my own sorting.

I download all Sims files- skins objects etc - to a special folder (Simmers is my current version) and I unzip all my files in this folder and sort them into my categories.

after doing my unzipping,

I get into Windows Explorer

click on "Simmers"

then highlight one or several files that belong together and click on Cut from the edit menu.

using the Explorer side bar, I open the Sims folder. (Program files/Maxis/The Sims/Game Data/ *-* where *-* would be whatever file type I am transferring...

/textures - for BMP files
/skins for non-bmp skin files
/walls for walls
etc. etc.

open the correct file in the Game data list and paste your additions.

I keep my downloads folder for Maxis downloads and an occasional special file from some other site.

Does this help you or do you have a special folder you need to find?

I should mention that I am currently without a Sims game as I am waiting for a new comp so it has been a while since I could play - my memory of file paths is patchy at best but the idea is there for you to play with on your own.

Answered at 11:47 on Saturday 16 July 2005 by darlene (lenedar2002)
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