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Do you have to have a wedding ceremony before before you are married or can you have one after you are married?Also can you have a wedding ceremony while you are pregnant
Asked at 19:43 on Saturday 8 January 2005 by Kerri (hippiebluechic) Report this Question

2 Answers
You can be pregnant and get married

To hold a wedding you call and arrange the wedding if the couple is engaged
then have the Wedding arch and have the bride or groom click it
then they will have the wedding
OR if you do not want to have the weeding just have the bride or groom propose marriage they will then be married without a ceremony

IF you have them propose marriage without going to the arch there will be No ceremony

There is a story for a great wedding on the Exchange sorry do not have link look in stories
or do a search on exchange

Answered at 18:56 on Monday 24 January 2005 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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To throw a wedding party, here are the rules. 1, both sims have to be adults (teens, kids, toddler, babies is a no). Sims generally need to be engadged first, which they generally have to be in love to complete, give or take a few days, and your female sim will USUALLy have an aspiration want of throwing a wedding party, or getting married once she is engadged. If the sim is pregnant no matter how far along, she can still get married, and her wedding dress will form around her size. You can even get married after your couple has a babie or two. It is not required that your sims have wedding "party" but it builds your aspiration meeter if it was one of your sims wants. Pro, it's usually a high asperation wich puts you in the plat. level, con, wedding guest slow your game down and are harder to entertain. I suggest a bartender, and a bottle of chapagn. The wedding arch is a nice touch. I hire a nanny before throwing the party, this way i have someone who will walk around cleaning up dishes, helping w/ the kids etc. Once a sim is married, it still can date others or "cheat" on it's spouse. However if the cheating sim is caught, the couple will then have the option of one of them moving out. It's VERY hard to build the relationship back up for some reason after one has cheated, even though they meeter shows couple as still in love.
Answered at 00:39 on Thursday 10 March 2005 by chani (glamchan)
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