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Can you get teenagers and toddlers from the adoption agency or is it onl babies?
Asked at 15:15 on Sunday 9 January 2005 by Kerri (hippiebluechic) Report this Question

5 Answers
Babies, toddlers and children.
Answered at 20:04 on Sunday 9 January 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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yes,you can get babies toddlers and kids,but not teens.well i dont think.when i got on it they had no teens
Answered at 19:11 on Sunday 16 January 2005 by Ashely (thepuppypower)
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No teens, no selection of sex or race. If a social worker takes on of your children, todlers, and babies away, when another family goes to adopt one in the same neighborhood, thats who they usually get. For example, i had a single mom and she had a todler girl. I turned off the aging, so that i could teach her to walk, talk, and be potty trained and earn some skills before she grew into a kid. It was going great, then suddenly it got out of control when the mom got a day job and hired a nany. Some how my todler got red zone tired, hungry, and dirty and before i could fix it (it was snowballing each thing, todler wouldnt eat cause it ws tired, wouldn't sleep cause it was dirty, coudln't give it a bath cause it was falling asleep on me etc) and the social worker came and took her out of the crib. I worked on a new family in aother house after that and that new family wanted to adopt, then when the day came, i picked a todler, adn low and behold, there was the little girl who had been taken away from her mom. The good thing was that she was a wonder child, could walk talk etc. Bad thing, the family was friends w/ the mom and the mom missed the child. (once a baby is taken away, you no longer are able to adopt another child) however you can give birth to another. I finally had the mom who mised her todler flirt w/ the dad of the adopted child so much he moved in w/ her instead of his wife and brought the baby back to the mom's house w/ him. LOL sneaky.
Answered at 00:58 on Thursday 10 March 2005 by chani (glamchan)
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Chani is sort of wrong. Once a social worker takes your child/toddler, you can never have a baby again unless you have a teenager.
Answered at 08:30 on Saturday 16 July 2005 by ghdfghgfhdgfh (Astreka)
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Its weird cos sometimes i get a choice of toddler, child or teen and sometimes i get a random pick.
Answered at 14:29 on Sunday 14 August 2005 by Chloe10
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