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is the sims 2 okay for 9 yeer olds?
Asked at 23:48 on Friday 21 January 2005 by Amanda (shine137) Report this Question

5 Answers
lol, Are you nine years old Amanda? Well, it depends on what you and/or your family think is appropriate. There are a couple adult things, but other than that and some bad teen examples (lol) than I would say yes, yes it is okay.
Answered at 05:21 on Saturday 22 January 2005 by elvendragon
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do u think that sims 1&2 r good?
Answered at 18:58 on Tuesday 25 January 2005 by zoe (small-is-small)
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I have played the sims since i was 8 so it should be fine.
Answered at 16:24 on Sunday 13 March 2005 by Me (helpinuonurbz)
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I think it isn't good for kids to play ANY of The Sims Game. Wait for a couple years.

Or, if your kids want to play TS2, you need to watch what is he playing. Do not let him/her to play about WooHoo, Try For Baby, Make Out, Smooch and too romantic kissing (If tender or peck, i think it's okay)

It's not good for kids mentality. He/she may have bad attitude if he/she too much playing The Sims

ESRB has rated TS2 for Teen huh??? So, do that advise. Or maybe something bad will be happen to that child

But, it depending by yours.
Answered at 02:40 on Thursday 5 May 2005 by Gilang M Hamidy (gilang)
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its 7+ but the expansions are 12+
Answered at 18:31 on Tuesday 10 May 2005 by coolgirl100
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