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can u make beer????
Asked at 02:04 on Tuesday 25 January 2005 by Connie yost (Grannyost) Report this Question

2 Answers
A short answer to this would be no... There is a bar though.. My sims act a little odd after a few drinks.. But maybe that's just me...
Answered at 11:23 on Saturday 29 January 2005 by Mandy (Silentmessiah)
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Well, theoretically you can create almost anything. Originally, in Sims1, there were people who created yoga mats and stuff, sims could then suddenly do yoga or play guitar when that wasn't an option in the game. I suppose it's possible in sims2 too, but it's probably very difficult.
Easyest would be just to replace the coffee machine with a beer maker, but that won't make them drunk.
Answered at 13:12 on Friday 28 April 2006 by Sessy
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