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How do I adopt a pet? I am particularly interested in strays, I hear there better, and their is one I really like.
Asked at 19:53 on Sunday 30 January 2005 by Luna (moongoyal) Report this Question

4 Answers
You can adopt a pet, by calling the Old Town shuttle and it will pick you up. Then you go to the community lot where there is a dog and cat adoption center. Find the building with the dog pen and click on the dog. It costs 399 simoleans to adopt so make sure you have enough money. Then you pick the dog you want and name it. I don't think you can adopt strays though. They aren't owned by anyone. You just pet them and that. Strays only run around, try to beg from you, and my opinion are a nuisance. Good luck, and happy simming!
Answered at 03:39 on Tuesday 1 February 2005 by Georgia Bilgishopatlir (Lassiedog)
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U can't adopt strays. They don't even exist, they are just owned by families made by the computer. A good place to get pets is pet paradise, a big place in the middle of the neighbourhood.
Answered at 17:03 on Monday 14 February 2005 by Me (helpinuonurbz)
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Starys exist :P
Answered at 18:17 on Friday 22 April 2005 by Amanda (shine137)
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u can adopt them by becoming friends with them and the adoption button will eventually appear
Answered at 18:32 on Sunday 21 August 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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