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how do i make wine - im not sure if its even from this expansion, i instaled them all...
Asked at 20:03 on Sunday 30 January 2005 by Luna (moongoyal) Report this Question

2 Answers
Using the berry press and cookbook, you can make different nectars and that. Wine I think might be one that you have to try a whole bunch of different combinations of ingredients to get it. I'm not sure though. Good luck.
Answered at 03:36 on Tuesday 1 February 2005 by Georgia Bilgishopatlir (Lassiedog)
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'Wine" and 'Nectar' are synonymous in the game. I think it's an attempt to make the game more family friendly and so kids can partake of the 'nectar' without moral ambiguity. On the subject, I'd suggest getting a nectar press and stocking up on the grapes, elderberries, and sugar, because nectar pressed by a Sim with a cooking score of 10 sells for 500 simoleons a bottle in a very short period of time. Also, for those who don't know, the combination of toad sweat, grapes, and grapes makes a magic nectar that basically allows your sim to become a ghost, with the abilities of walking through walls, spooking other sims (under the "tease" option on the pie menu) and levitating (under "entertain"), as well as interacting with and even shooing off other ghosts!
Answered at 12:19 on Monday 21 March 2005 by Joseph Rorrer (MaerlynStrange)
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