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When I take a friend on vacation, I can't get them to go to the bathroom, get them to eat etc. They're miserable and are constantly waving at me to get my attention. How do I control my guests so they can enjoy their vacation too?
Asked at 18:19 on Monday 16 February 2004 by Meredith Lavery (mhlavery) Report this Question

4 Answers
I don't believe that you can, actually, you can only control your own Sims but interact with others.

Having said that, you should be able to cheer them up though and make them happy by talking to them, hugging, dancing, etc. But they should go to a bathroom on their own, if nothing else.
Answered at 01:09 on Tuesday 17 February 2004 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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I think you can make them do stuff if you make your sim do the same thing. Like bathroom. Have your sim go and make sure the other sim is doing it too (in another stall of course). Sometimes the other sim gets stuck somewhere(or a bathroom is full) just keep making your sim do that action till the other one follows you. Kinda like follow the leader. Same with eating, sleeping etc.
Answered at 05:20 on Thursday 19 February 2004 by nicole (itsme07863)
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if u tell ur sim to do 1 thing then click on the friend and it will have an option like what the other one is doing...for some things and also it will do what to other one is doing
Answered at 00:37 on Saturday 21 February 2004 by mrbubbles599
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