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What happens when your kids do really bad at school,do they get taken away from?
Asked at 20:01 on Saturday 12 February 2005 by Heather (lil_hev15) Report this Question

3 Answers
Yes by the social.
Answered at 20:16 on Saturday 12 February 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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Making sure basicaly that your children GO to school each day USUALLY keeps them w/ a D or higher on the report card, below that causes the visit from social worker. I found that using cheat "Moveobjects on" and then deleting the school bus the second it pulls up *go into buy mode first* then deletes the homework too, yoru childs grades will start to sky rocket to an A if you keep doing this before he/she gets off the bus. And dont worrry, deleting the bus will not delete your child, the second you click on the child to be played, it apears on the lot w/ no homework, as if it's been done already. It's great.
Answered at 00:45 on Thursday 10 March 2005 by chani (glamchan)
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In my sim I can't delete the homework. But that whit the bus is true. ^^ But only if children have F are taken, not the teenagers. They have problems at home.
Answered at 00:42 on Friday 8 April 2005 by Neko (mistress-sama)
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