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I am a richie and i have 8 rep points... i finished the missions and i want to know how to get into the clubhouse. i have 100 with all the richies and i still cant get my tenth point. i even live in the pent house
Asked at 20:08 on Tuesday 15 February 2005 by Rachel (rachiebballstar) Report this Question

4 Answers
Ok, get the richie trophy- it is found in the department store- second floor, on the wall with all of the boiler things, just walk up to it, and walk along it until you get to the little yellow arrow. give that to luthor l bigbucks. THEN get to -10 relationship with darius. this will give you your tenth rep point. PS the club house is not all that it is cracked up to be lol
Answered at 13:52 on Wednesday 16 February 2005 by palepinkninja
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thanks! i already got the trophy like a couple weeks ago and i did give it to luthor. do u think that if i still get -10 with darius i will get the rep point. but the thing is i only have 8 rep points i need two more. what can i do to get the other one?
Answered at 19:58 on Friday 18 February 2005 by Rachel (rachiebballstar)
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Make friends with all the richies (Luther needs to be 100), get a roomate that is NOT a streetie (best to go with richie), give the trophie to Luther, and finish the Richie Rep goal. Oh, and get -5 with Darius...
Answered at 19:26 on Wednesday 4 January 2006 by Mercy (Mercedes)
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===== 6.1 Richies Rep Points =====

1 - Befriend Luthor L. Bigbucks (leader requires 100)
2 - Befriend Lottie Cash
3 - Befriend Lily Gates
4 - Befriend Misty Waters
5 - Give the leader (Luthor) the Rep Group Trophy
6 - Have anyone but a Streetie as your roommate (best to go with a Richie)
7 - Get the Streeties leader Darius to -5 relationship (see codes for help)
8 - Acquire max Charisma skill
9 - Move to the King Tower Penthouse in Glasstown
10 - Finish the Richies Rep Mission
Answered at 17:14 on Wednesday 25 January 2006 by Delano (Delano)
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