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Will teens be happy when they see the new brother or sister(baby)?
Asked at 19:16 on Monday 16 February 2004 by chris (chris2) Report this Question

3 Answers
Some loving sims can care and be happy and excited about a new brother or sister in the family, other mean sims can not care at all
Answered at 01:02 on Tuesday 17 February 2004 by Sarah (SimSarah)
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Depends on there personality
Answered at 15:57 on Friday 9 April 2004 by MandMv2
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Yeh i agree it depends on them!If they are nice, friendly n loving they will prob care about the baby and babysit them all the time if they are a sim who never worries and doesnt think then they prob couldnt care less and will babysit but not be good at it and if it is a sims who is reely nasty and unfriendly then they prob will dislike the baby and refuse to babysit also! Also this has a lot to do with fighting! If they dislike the baby when it becomes a child they will fight with it a lot!
Answered at 21:27 on Friday 23 April 2004 by Charlotte Woods (bumface456)
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