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Whats a good tutorial for body shop that I dont have to download?
Asked at 00:36 on Sunday 20 February 2005 by ksl13 Report this Question

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I think this is what might help you... I don't know about tutorials, but i'll tell you because it really is simple. Go on the sims 2 body shop, then something might come up if its your 1st time on it, and wait for it to load, and then you have 2 options, you can go on (these are both at the top right) Build Sims or Create parts. 1st I'll tell you about build sims, click on build sims, then 'Build or clone sims' (package sims is to send sims to the internet when you have made them) and then click on the green rectangle with the white + in the middle, and then it's just a bit like the sims 2 creating a person! you go on change gender, age etc. (this is next to the picture of your sim) Then, under build sims/create parts, you can change genetics, clothes, faces, make-up etc. click on these to change them.
Answered at 14:21 on Wednesday 6 April 2005 by xXx_JeNnY_xXx
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