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will i be able to make an alien family when i first start the game
Asked at 15:24 on Monday 21 February 2005 by josh (greyhand) Report this Question

3 Answers
yo i'm trying to do the same so that is why i am looking for mods and i'll tell u when i find one
Answered at 16:17 on Monday 21 February 2005 by Ryan (Ryanboi)
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to do this you must goto the sims 2 website which is thesims2.ea.com and go to exchange then click on sims you cann either go through by looking at all the sims this could take hours so you can either goto the left hand side and type in to the keywords part and type in (aliens)and it will come up with all the aliens on the website and then downloads one or two it is up to you then when you create a sim or family go to the skins and there will be an icon like this (*)click on that and choose a skin
Answered at 17:22 on Tuesday 16 August 2005 by jade tapson (jadetapson)
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hi, i D/L a green skin from www.modthesims2.com, then when i was creating my sims i moved all the sliders arround untill i had some freaky looking aliens... making there noses small, eyes big and faces really narrow etc.
making alien's is easy, just experiment and have fun :D
Answered at 14:32 on Sunday 16 April 2006 by sooz (sarrla)
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