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I know i need to be a fan to get the black roses...but i need the black roses to become a star. so how do i do this? I go to studiotown but it wont let me do anything? I have full skill points and full personality points...so what am i doing wrong?
Asked at 23:11 on Tuesday 22 February 2005 by Luna (moongoyal) Report this Question

5 Answers
The black roses are dropped by the obsessed fan. So you really need to make a few friends, then ignore them for a bit to trigger the obsessed fan.
Answered at 23:28 on Tuesday 22 February 2005 by Neil Jones (NKTP)
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or go to cheapfrills.org and download th espellbook and get all the stuff and you can get black roses that way and you can make a charm to get you all the stars to.
Answered at 16:25 on Friday 25 February 2005 by Kristen (kutiesim3)
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Make sure that you have an agent then get 2,5 stars and a obsessed fan will come and drop black roses.... (make sure not to take good care of your fans or the obsessed fan will stop coming.... That happened to me when I had gotten about 7 The simmy award)
Answered at 17:40 on Thursday 3 November 2005 by velma
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Obsessed fans are a double-edged sword. You really don't want them around and yet...you do. Especially if you're magical and you need the black roses.
Answered at 16:17 on Wednesday 18 January 2006 by Sorcererlady
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How did you get full personality points?
Answered at 23:24 on Friday 23 August 2013 by kimberlyRR
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