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One of my female sims is alone and has found someone over the net. I want him to come over but he keeps saying no. Why? It does the same with one of my male sims!!
Asked at 22:29 on Saturday 12 March 2005 by simgirl05 Report this Question

4 Answers
just never give up... act like a stalker: call them not once, but like five times in a row.. finally the sim will say something like.. "ok.. I might.."
Answered at 15:15 on Sunday 13 March 2005 by anneke (anneke)
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The sim doesn't want to come because they don't know your sim that well. When you ring them up don't invite them over, talk to them on the phone first. You know you can make friends just talking on the phone. Check the realtionship score, if there is a smiley face under that sim's picture that means your sim and that sim are friends. Once they are friends they will always say yes.
I hope I helped!
Answered at 18:37 on Monday 14 March 2005 by Anastasia (XPipX)
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Whan there relationship is over 50-60 the sim will say yes.
Answered at 00:24 on Friday 8 April 2005 by Neko (mistress-sama)
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You have to get a relation ship of over 20-30. 50 is when they're friends with that sim.
Answered at 08:33 on Saturday 16 July 2005 by ghdfghgfhdgfh (Astreka)
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