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Where can I get diamond dust, pegasus feather, glacial glass, wizard eyelashes and black roses? Please answer?
Asked at 09:40 on Saturday 19 March 2005 by Arkan (cytrex) Report this Question

3 Answers
DIamond dust comes from the faerie queen for 199 magicoins, so get busy on that magic stage!
Black Roses are left on your lawn by a stalker if you have the superstar expansion pack and you gain a star rating of at least 2 1/2.
All others are gained by talking to vendors and carrying out their little "quests". What you get is pretty random, so you might have to disperse a lot of clouds, cheer up a lot of people, and get really good at toadstool races to get all the required ingredients.
Answered at 12:13 on Monday 21 March 2005 by Joseph Rorrer (MaerlynStrange)
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thanks maerlyn
Answered at 05:08 on Saturday 26 March 2005 by Arkan (cytrex)
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You can get Wizard Eyelashes from Vicki the Vampire if you do a quest for her.
Hope it helped,
Answered at 19:06 on Thursday 10 January 2008 by Andrew (Dragonman)
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