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how do you create clothing ,make up and skin i tried downloading the tutorial but it didnt work
Asked at 18:25 on Sunday 20 March 2005 by carl (gawflet) Report this Question

6 Answers
open up CaSIE and click on create stuff. click on wot eva u want 2 create. eg. clothing. pick the item of clothing you want to customise and click the arrow.

it will come up with a screen telling you where it was saved, a pic of the clothing and a sim wearing it.

Now open up photo shop. Open the folder where your clothing is saved. There should be 3 files for clothing. open the 1 that has '_alpha' at the end and the other one which is the same, minus the alpha.

2 windows will pop up, one with the item of clothing that you have decided to customise. do whatever you like on that item of clothing and when you are happy with it, re-write the one you opened.

once saved, go back to CaSIE and press the refresh button where it will show you what you've created on the sim. If your not happy, go back and edit.

that other window that is open (the one with the '_alpha') shows you what will show on the sim. everything that is black is where there will be nothing on the sim, where its white is what will show. you'll need some practise with this to get a good effect so leave it for now but give it a go once you r sure what your doing.

once you've saved it and got it how you want it, click on 'import to game' at the bottom and its done! when you play the game, your item of clothing will be in there with the rest.

its basically the same with makeup but skin is much more complicated. hair is also complicated. Leave the skin and hair for now but give makeup a try. Eyes are also very fun and easy to do. Try and follow the shades of the colours already on there to get a realistic effect.

hope this helps. xxx
Answered at 03:55 on Tuesday 29 March 2005 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie)
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tahh peeps
Answered at 19:21 on Tuesday 5 April 2005 by carl (gawflet)
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wots photo shop
Answered at 19:27 on Tuesday 5 April 2005 by carl (gawflet)
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How do you get onto casie i have the sims 2 and i wanna create some new makeup
Answered at 12:11 on Sunday 1 May 2005 by Beth (bmco)
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go to this website it will take u step by step....
Answered at 22:51 on Wednesday 25 May 2005 by Lhizelle (cheeky_miz_lhiz)
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Thanks. im not carl but i used the adress. this helped me. thankyou.
Answered at 16:17 on Thursday 28 July 2005 by Laura (xXCoolLauraXx)
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