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I searched the shrubs near the museum and all I found was a slip of paper. What do I do now? It still says I didn't search them. Please help NOW!!!
Asked at 21:54 on Sunday 20 March 2005 by Yo-Go-Girl (sarahruth) Report this Question

4 Answers
Look in the grave yard and youllfind a scrap of paper.
Answered at 13:40 on Wednesday 23 March 2005 by Yo-Go-Girl (sarahruth)
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In the graveyard, you have to press "A" on a tombstone. Once you find the OTHER slip of paper, the game will tell you who to talk to,
Answered at 04:19 on Monday 28 March 2005 by Ayana (AyanurRs)
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You have to guard the meeting 4 Gramma Hattie 1st though
Answered at 02:44 on Thursday 7 April 2005 by emma (britishemma)
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Okay, first of all make sure you're not doing the None Shall Pass mission, because if you are then you can't get passed the orange cone thingy until after you finish it. Now when you find the slip of paper by the museum and read it, it will say to look in the graveyard. The next sheet of paper is behind one of the graves, and it tells you to go talk to Berkeley Clodd. Go up to him and give him the piece of paper and he will give you a briefcase that you show to Det. Dan D. Mann. He will then bug it and you have to give it to Giuseppi Mezzoalto. Hope i helped! :)
Answered at 17:43 on Monday 15 June 2009 by Brooke (BEArmstrong)
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