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How do you get a baby when your sims are married?
Asked at 15:35 on Monday 28 March 2005 by Keaan (kazrocko) Report this Question

3 Answers
k, i had this problem 2, so listen carefully. First make them be in love at 100. Then make sure that both of their socials are full. Finally, Make them kiss (do the kiss where u can hear the music) and keep kissing (but not 2 much so they start getting angry) it should then ask if u want 2 have a baby.
Hope I helped ;P
Answered at 21:02 on Monday 28 March 2005 by Shannon (shannon2710)
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all you have to do is make one sim kiss another sim three times
Answered at 17:12 on Friday 29 July 2005 by imjustakid25
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Answered at 16:33 on Tuesday 13 March 2012 by kongning (kongning)
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