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I have the sims2 and i was wondering when you get married does a limo pick you up and you go on a hunymoon? Ifso can you pick a place to go?
Asked at 01:59 on Tuesday 29 March 2005 by jbh (coledog6) Report this Question

2 Answers
After marriage party over, Limo will pick u to go to honeymoon. But, it's just turning the needs bar to green. You cannot choose the place. B'coz, The Sims 2 Not With Vacation. ;-)
Answered at 13:26 on Thursday 31 March 2005 by Gilang M Hamidy (gilang)
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the limo only piks them up if they had a gd party
Answered at 23:43 on Thursday 31 March 2005 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie)
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