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I'm having problems with my dressers, some of them allow me to change my clothes to almost ALL my outfits sometimes and others only allow 4 of the crummy ones. I just recently reinstalled my sims 1 and thought at one time there was a patch to fix this.
Asked at 17:41 on Monday 4 April 2005 by RareFrog Report this Question

4 Answers
usually this just depends on the value of the dresser for how many outfits you get
Answered at 16:24 on Sunday 17 April 2005 by Katie (shopping_freak1)
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it always depends on what w8 u r. if u are normal siz, u shud get loads of outfits, but if u r either fat or thin, u dont get as many.
Answered at 17:16 on Thursday 28 July 2005 by Laura (xXCoolLauraXx)
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i still find that unfair that fat a thin sims only get like 5 outfits when "normal" sims get 60 almost!
Answered at 20:29 on Monday 22 August 2005 by z (birdyfly)
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Outfits depend on a sim's complexion as well as his size!
Answered at 17:28 on Thursday 20 October 2005 by Black_Cat_13
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