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Which sims are in the secret society? Can you list some or clues of how to get into the club.
Asked at 16:08 on Friday 8 April 2005 by sonjabreda Report this Question

3 Answers
I don't know how to get in conventionally but if you use the "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" cheat then you can hold shift and click on the sim you want to be in the secret society and select "add to secret society". You might have to click "more..." to get this option.
Hope I helped!
Answered at 17:18 on Friday 8 April 2005 by sim2uninut
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...........or jus make friends with the people wearing the llama jackets.
Answered at 15:31 on Saturday 9 April 2005 by Charlotte Walmsley (Charlie_Warlie)
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visit the community lots and have your sim meet three of the Secret Society members and chat with them a little they are as said the ones with the dark jackets with the llama patch on the pocket
Once they have enough friends there that are members that night they will come take your sim to the secret society house

Answered at 21:30 on Sunday 10 April 2005 by Phoenix (phoenix_risin)
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